Connector Installation

Please read the following before installing S4S.

To use S4S please explore the following resources: To use S4S EXM please explore the following resources:

To extend the integration we recommend you download our FuseIT SFDC Explorer tool. This free windows application lets you explore Salesforce using the same technology as S4S. You can use it to validate your calls to Salesforce, logins, generate T4 templates and much more. The application has no advertising, spyware, nag screens, time restrictions or other annoyances.

Once you have installed S4S you can navigate to the S4S Status Page. The link is to a page on your own website:

Installation Support

FuseIT offer technical help to ensure your S4S installation goes smoothly. If needed, please log a support call.

Please attach the following information to support requests (in order of importance):

  • Description of the error
  • The Sitecore log file - with Log4Net DEBUG logging
  • Screenshot of any error messages
  • Screenshot of the S4S Status Page
Emails will be answered in New Zealand standard business hours:

If we cannot quickly resolve the issue by email we can arrange a suitable time to meet via GoToMeeting.

More Products

FuseIT create applications and integrations with Sitecore, Salesforce and HPE Content Manager (TRIM).
  • SooT: Extend Sitecore with the powerful document management features of HPE Content Manager. Using SooT, HPE Content Manager administrators can extend their document review, manipulation, and processing functionality to web users.
  • S2T: A native application that connects Salesforce to HPE Content Manager. This solution uses standard HPE CM web services.
  • T4S: A high volume connector that pushes Salesforce attachment and chatter documents to HPE Content Manager and opens Content Manager documents in Salesforce. The connector installs into Salesforce and on a Microsoft network server (or VM) in your domain. This solution uses standard HPE CM web services.
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